Shipbuilders & Shiprepairers Association:

SSA addresses the Business and Innovation needs of the Maritime Industry and provides a platform for, in every way, advancing the interests of the sector.
SSA is fully committed to increasing the competitiveness of the EU marine industry. SSA acts as a representational body for the industry, and as a focal point for research, development and industry promotional activity. SSA takes the initiative in identifying industry requirement, developing and packaging proposals and then managing the resulting projects to a successful conclusion.  SSA is currently involved in 10 EU research projects, and has acted as as coordinator for a number of projects. SSA will contribute its knowledge, influence and routes to dissemination in the UK and, through CESA, on a pan-European basis.  UK and European industry meetings will be regularly exploited to disseminate information on the progress of the project, and the experience of SSA in arranging seminars and exhibitions will be utilised as appropriate.

University Of Strathclyde, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

SU is a world leading academic institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in maritime education and research to serve the maritime community. SU offers degrees in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture and higher degrees in many associated fields of studies and has experience in many national and international projects. SU has been actively involved in ship dismantling projects and within the industry itself and can be considered as a leading academic institute in this field of research. SU has dedicated researchers working on ship dismantling issues who are delivering innovative outputs for the ship dismantling industry. SU can also draw on its vast experience of related activities such as; conducting risk analysis methods, studying accidents, incidents and analysing emergency situations within the maritime industry and delivering training accordingly.

Reciclauto Navarra, S.L.

RECICLAUTO NAVARRA SL. Is an Environmental Engineering and Consulting company created in 1997 to address world issues of waste and the environment in general. As a visionary company in the field of automotive recycling has diversified its activity in other environmental areas like research, development, innovation, quality and renewable energy. 
RECICLAUTO NAVARRA SL. has developed over the years centres of Hazardous Waste Management and Decontamination centres of ELV. At the same time it has implemented Environmental and Quality Management Systems in different companies getting a full service offering to customers.

Swerea IVF AB

Swerea IVF offers qualified research and consultancy services within the core areas of the manufacturing industry with focus on product, process, and production development. Mission: to create,refine, supply and promptly implement new techniques and new working methods. Extensive experience in international projects. We work on behalf of government agencies as well as private enterprises. Swerea IVF is a subsidiary of the Swerea-group, which is a group of Swedish institutes focusing on manufacturing and materials engineering. The Swedish industry is highly engaged in the Swerea
institutes, both as owners and as customers. IVF has a vast experience and has gained a lot of empirical data through R&D in the field of risk assessment and management. Swerea IVF has an extensive experience of participation in EC funded projects. During the 4th -7th Framework Programmes, IVF has been participating in well over 100 projects, of which we
have been/are coordinating 22.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security Directorate General of Occupational Health and Safety, Turkey

The Ministry of Labour has been established in 1946 and with the endorsement of the Law of 3146, enforced on January 1985, the Ministry of Labour has been rearranged as “Ministry of Labour and Social Security”. The task of ensuring occupational health and safety is given to the Directorate General of Workers Safety under the structure of Ministry of Labour. 
DGOHS has been implemented so many international and national projects  such as EU funded “Improvement of Health and Safety Conditions in Workplaces in Turkey” ,“Technical Assistance for Development of  Regional Laboratories of Occupational Health and Safety Center (İSGÜM)”; and national funded “Raising Awareness of OHS Professionals and Identification and Diagnosis on Occupational Diseases in Turkey”. And also DGOHS has an national funded project for ship dismantling industry as “Determining Occupational Risks on Ship Recycling Industry by Risk Assessment and Workplace Measurements ”.

Aliaga Shipping and Recycling Company

Aliağa Denizcilik Gemi Söküm ve Geri Dönüşüm(ASR), is located in the Aliağa ship dismantling area. The size of the dismantling area is more than 30000m2. ASR, in cooperation with two Japanese organisations, is currently building their ship dismantling yard which will meet the requirements of the IMO(International Maritime Organization) Hong Kong Convention and aims to become "The World's Lead Model" in Ship Dismantling. ASR’s company mission is to keep the working area free from accidents while protecting the environment while also being proud of the work accomplished. ASR has a strict discipline to work unconditionally in accordance with the National, European and International regulations.

GSR Services e.K.

Our scope of service covers the full scope of the Hong Kong Convention and ISO 30000 for the whole maritime industry. This includes e.g. consultancy service concerning the effective implementation of the convention or the introduction of the ISO-standard, training related to hazardous materials or practical issues as the preparation of an IHM or decontamination works.